Chengdu Home to 296 Fortune Global 500 Companies

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Chengdu is attracting more and more investors and multinational companies, thanks to its business-friendly climate.
Chengdu Home to 296 Fortune Global 500 Companies
On September 20, an official from the Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau was quoted as saying that according to the latest Fortune Global 500 list, up to now, Chengdu has been home to 296 Fortune Global 500 companies, including 199 from overseas and 97 at home. The number increased by 11 from that in 2018.
Among the 199 companies from overseas, 54 are from the United States, 38 from Japan, 21 from France, 19 from Germany and 13 from the Republic of Korea.
From January to August, a total of 40 projects invested by Fortune Global 500 companies settled in Chengdu, with a gross investment of RMB98.33 billion.

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