Chengdu a hothouse for innovation: Chaihuo Maker Space founder

Authors: NBD


Industrial Development Conference for National Central City, Chengdu was successfully held on July 2. Chaihuo Maker Space founder Pan Hao exchanged his ideas at this meeting as an enterprise representative.
He told NBD that Chengdu is a city boasting profound culture and a talent pool, making itself a hothouse for innovation. Those advantages enable startup makers to develop businesses that differ from traditional industries, he said.
According to Pan, as one of the earliest makerspaces establised in China, Chaihuo aims to serve startup makers worldwide. The "Long Tail Theory" is important for makers. That is, our economy is increasingly shifting away from the focus of the mainstream markets and shifting toward new markets. Makers should always know how to address the diverfied needs of the new era. What is more important is to find a way to bring together makers with particular skills and creative ideas.
Chaihuo hosted Maker Fairein Chengdu last year, which is one of top 10 most featured makers' festivals worldwide and has a big influence on makerspaces. This year, Chaihuo 2.0, a production center, will also be set up.
Pan added, "we hope to bring all creative ideas into reality in Chegndu. Using this center as a platform, we will do whatever we can to drive up innovative startups."

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