CDHT Ranks No.4 among Its Counterparts for 4 Straight Years

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Ministry of Science and Technology published the latest rankings of national hi-tech zones in terms of their comprehensive strength. The Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT) was ranked No.4 nationwide and first in western China.
Chengdu’s Rankings Based on 4 Primary Indicators:
Ranked 3rd nationwide in terms of capacity of knowledge creation and technological innovation
Ranked 3rd nationwide in terms of capacity of upgrading and optimization of industrial structure
Ranked 6th nationwide in terms of international level and capacity of global competitiveness
Ranked 9th nationwide in terms of capacity of Sustainable development
The rankings were made by the Torch High Tech Industrial Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology, based upon the revised national evaluation index system for state-level hi-tech industrial development zones. The Center’s overall rankings and those of 4 primary indexes show that according to its 2012 statistics on the country’s 105 national hi-tech zones and statistical data from the Suzhou Industrial Park, CDHT became No.4 in terms of comprehensive strength.
The Torch High Tech Industrial Development Center indicates in its report that CDHT has taken the leading position in China in the aspects of structure of personnel, construction of platforms for innovation and starting business, output efficiency of innovations, technology transfer and cooperation, development of hi-tech service industries, business profitability, level of being international, output of international intellectual property right, energy saving and consumption reducing, innovation of systems and mechanisms, as well as environmental improvement of industrial parks. Among the top 5 on the rankings, CDHT is the one and only from western China.

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