British Maker Witnesses Chengdu’s Appeal to Talent

Authors: Feng Mi


A growing number of overseas talents come to Chengdu to live and work because of the city’s agreeable living environment and abundant job opportunities.
Liam King, co-founder and HR manager of LAOWAI HERE, is a witness of the city's appeal to overseas talents. LAOWAI HERE is a web service based in Chengdu dedicated to establishing a diverse idea network between foreign expats and local people in China.
In Chengdu, the business scope of LAOWAI HERE has expanded from the initial recruitment of English teachers for local companies to introducing high-caliber talents of multitudinous professions from overseas, to meet the need of growing local economy. "A need for overseas professionals comes from local aviation companies. The city has an advanced aviation industry," said Liam, "And demands for overseas engineers and online game developers are also very strong. We're improving our communication skills with local companies in all fields."
"Everyday we receive many job applications from many countries, and this is a sign that Chengdu is very attractive to overseas talents. Chengdu is a National Central City with rapid economic development and huge potential," Liam noted.
The city government attaches great importance to introducing international talents, especially top hi-tech professionals, and offers funds for top talents. An example is that the Exit & Entry Administration Division of Chengdu Public Security Bureau recently issued a new visa policy, which encourages young talents to come to Chengdu for internship and work.
One attraction of Chengdu to overseas talents is the comparatively higher salary and lower living cost. "The salaries of many high-end positions in Chengdu is considerably higher than those in European countries," said Liam, "Whenever our clients tell me that they have got offers from Chengdu, Beijing, or other cities, I always suggest they choose Chengdu. I tell them that they can have a happy life here."
In October, LAOWAI HERE will have promotions in South Africa and will set up offices in London, Cape Town and southern cities in the US, with an aim to attract more overseas talents to come to work in Chengdu.

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