Chengdu Implements Departure Tax Refund Scheme

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu took the lead in Sichuan in implementing the departure tax refund scheme on January 1st.
It is one of the second batches of cities in the country following Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the first one in western China to carry out this policy.
According to the policy, any overseas tourist who spends more than RMB500 at any shop among 33 designated ones in Chengdu is entitled to a departure tax rebate (value added tax) when they leave China from the city.
33 Shops have First been Authorized as Tax Refund Stores
Chen Wan, deputy head of the Import and Export Taxation Management Section of Chengdu Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, said that so far, the first batch of 33 shops located in major business areas and traffic centers in downtown Chengdu including outlets of the Chengdu Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. and Chicony Mainland Commerce (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. have been authorized as tax refund stores.
Tax Refund Rate: 11%;Minimum Purchase: RMB500
The Chengdu Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation prepared a multilingual brochure and a 2-minute English video clip to enable overseas tourists to have a better understanding of the policy.
The policy stipulates that any visitor from a foreign country or China's Hong Kong or Macao SAR or Taiwan Province who has lived in the Chinese mainland for less than 183 days can receive a rebate of 11 percent on consumer goods purchased on the same day in the same store, and the minimum purchase to receive a tax rebate is RMB500. The refund is valid when the purchase is made 90 days before departure and the product remains unused upon departure.
In accordance with China's national regulation, of the refund rate, 9% is for overseas tourists and 2% for tax refund agencies. The currency for the rebate is RMB, and tourists can choose the way of the refund when the rebate amount is less than RMB10,000. When it's over RMB10,000, the refund must be made via bank transfer. Overseas tourists can get their refunds at Terminal 1 of the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

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