Chengdu Tops Online Prosperity Ranking in Ocean Engine's Report

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu tops online prosperity ranking in Ocean Engine's city report.

On March 29, the first session of the 2021 Ocean Engine City Summit kicked off in Chengdu. The Ocean Engine City Research Institute released a report entitled City Report-A Data-Based Picture of Chengdu. The report depicted the "Chengdu" on Tik Tok with data, and took a look at the city's online prosperity, giving local enterprises new perspectives and food for thoughts, unlocking more business opportunities.

As a window for Chengdu to present itself, Tik Tok provides a platform of content and topics for users fascinated by the city. The year 2020 witnessed a more vigorous Chengdu enabled by digital marketing, with the number of related topics exceeding 60,000, up 114% from its previous year. Videos with Chengdu as the keyword drew over 70 billion views, meaning that the city was watched over 70 billion times on Tik Tok. These views, together with 1.6 billion digital interactions by users after their brief glances of Chengdu, contributed to Chengdu's continuous popularity on the platform.
In 2020, it became a new trend for people to declare their presence at famous places (aka Da Ka in Chinese) on Tik Tok, and Chengdu saw its popularity soaring among Tik Tok users, most of whom were young and middle-aged women. It is worth mentioning that Da Ka mainly happened at night. Most of the Chengdu-themed "Da Ka videos" were uploaded between 18:00 and 22:00, with delicacy-hunt, fun trip and shopping excursion as the main points of interest (POI). The robust night economy of Chengdu, a city well-known for its leisure and gastronomy, was given full play.
Online prosperity has become a main component and important measure of city development. Based on the indicators of SIRFA (spreading, influence, recommendation, favorability and attraction), Ocean Engine assessed the online prosperity of Chinese cities. The data suggested that Chengdu outperformed Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Chongqing, to top the chart in 2020. The top five populous scenic spots were Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Jiangtan Park, Chengdu People's Park and Mount Qingcheng.
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