13th Confucius Institute Conference Wraps up in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


The 13th Confucius Institute Conference was convened December 3-4 here in Chengdu.
The event drew more than 1,500 participants, including university presidents and representatives from Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in more than 140 countries and regions across the globe. Two theme forums, 8 forums for Chinese and overseas university principals, 20 workshops, as well as exhibitions highlighting applications of new technologies at the Confucius Institutes and Sichuan's intangible cultural heritages were held during the conference.
Confucius Institute Conference
When asked why the grand event was held in Chengdu, Ma Jianfei, Party Secretary of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director of Hanban, said, "Firstly, it's because of the cultural particularities of the city." Its profound culture and civilization is an important part of the Chinese culture and has gained wide recognition at home and abroad. Everyone involved in the event likes it and unanimously agreed to hold the event in the city.
"Secondly, the talent resource in Chengdu is another factor we value," said Ma. Seven universities in Sichuan have founded 12 Confucius Institutes in different countries on five continents on the earth. In addition, the city, with an international level, is highly experienced in the international Chinese language education. It is of great significance to convene the conference here.
So far, there have been 548 Confucius Institutes, 1,193 primary and high school Confucius Classrooms and 5,665 places of learning in 154 countries and regions, with 46,700 full-time and part-time teachers from China and other countries for 1.87 million students involving face-to-face learning.
Confucius Institute Conference

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