What to Do If You Lose Items on the Taxi

Authors: Go Chengdu


If you have carelessly left your belongings in a taxi in Chengdu, make a prompt contact with the taxi driver ― the sooner you contact the driver, the greater chance you get your things back.
If you have the receipt, or remember the driver's name or his/her license plate number, don't hesitate to call the lost & found hotline of the city's Taxi Association: 028-83355363 (9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00).
The association can locate the taxi's company via its network system, and the company will help you contact the driver.
If you fail to provide the above-mentioned information but are only able to tell when and where you were dropped off and picked up, the association will try to help find the taxi by posting your claim on the Internet, and what you can do is to register at www.cdtaxi.cn/zhaolingxx and wait in the hope that a relative response will appear on the website.
And you can also go to a local police station for help. Police officials may find the taxi's license plate number and its company via security cameras, and then you can call the lost & found hotline as mentioned above.
1. You have to provide your valid documents (ID card or passport) to claim the lost items.
2. Be alert if someone declares to be the finder and asks you to send money to him.
3. Traffic complaint hotline: 12328

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