Learn to Use Pop Chinese Apps, Enjoy Life in China (2)

Authors: Go Chengdu


When you are in China, you’d better have some knowledge of various popular apps in the country and try to be a master hand to use them, so as to make your life more convenient and colorful here.
Dazhong Dianping
Sharing a lot of similarities with the US-headquartered Yelp’s mobile app, which published crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses, as well as online reservation service and food delivery service, the Dianping App, offers merchant information and consumer reviews, group-buying, online restaurant reservation, take-out service, e-coupon promotions and other online to offline services. With over 200 million accumulated users, the app has become an indispensable smartphone app for Chinese consumers, and the most powerful online partner for local businesses. It can recommend highly rated restaurants around your current location.
If you live in China you have probably heard of Taobao, the largest online marketplace in the world. Widely called the Chinese eBay and as one of the most visited sites in China, it has more than 5 million vendors offering nearly 80 million products. You can buy everything from clothes and food to computers, pets and even real helicopters, etc. The biggest attraction of Taobao is that almost all of the commodities sold at the site are cheaper than those sold in brick-and-motar stores and sometimes they can be delivered directly to your home on the same day when you place the order.
Taobao’s mobile app currently dominates China’s mobile shopping market.
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