Hotpot Tips: How Long Should I Cook the Stuff in the Boiling Soup?

Authors: Go Chengdu


Hotpot is Chengdu people’s favorite and is constantly growing popular around the world. Recent statistics show that hotpot is the first dinner choice for 93% of non-locals to the city.
Austrian president Alexander van der Bellen, for instance, chose hotpot and insisted on trying the SPICY hotpot instead of the mild-taste one in order to TASTE the real Chengdu during his visit to the city in April 2018.
For most non-locals, however, it remains a mystery how long they should boil each of the various foodstuffs when having hotpot, for fear that they would get things undercooked or overcooked.
And that's why GoChengdu has made this list, which tells you to take it easy on how long you should do it!
You can choose the RED spicy hotpot (红锅), the clear broth pot (白锅) or the half spicy & half clear broth pot (鸳鸯锅). The last is usually recommended for the first-time eaters.
There are two kinds of oil used as the soup base for the spicy hotpot, namely the vegetable oil (清油) and the beef tallow (牛油). Generally speaking, the vegetable oil hotpot tastes not as strong as the one based with beef tallow.

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