Guide to Public Schools for Foreigners

Authors: Go Chengdu


Foreign children can go to international schools or public schools in the city of Chengdu as long as their parents are working or living in Chengdu.
The city now has a number of international schools such as Chengdu ISC Experimental School, QSI International School of Chengdu, Leman International School Chengdu and so on. Some foreigners, however, prefer to have their kids go to public schools for the Chinese-style education, and they must learn about how to apply for the schools.
They must prepare the followings documents (photocopies and original copies):
1. Valid foreign passports and long-term Chinese visas of the applicant and his/her children;
2. Certificate(s) to prove that the applicant is living, investing, working or studying in Chengdu;
3. Certificate(s) to prove the parent-child relationship (verified by Chinese embassy or consulate-general in the foreigner's country of origin) of the applicant and his/her children;
4. Applicant's certificate of residence in Chengdu;
5. The child's health certificate, issued by an upper first-class hospital in Chengdu.
In the case of a child transferring to another school, the applicant must provide proof of enrolment in the former school.
The applicant must submit the certificates to local education authorities in his/her residence area (district or county) before May 31, and fill in an application form.
If the child transfers to another school, the applicant must submit the documents within 10 days before the end of the academic year.
The applicant will be informed if the education authority approves.
The child must have a test on the fluency of the Chinese language at the school he/she is applying for, and then go through the admission procedures according to the prescribed time if he/she has passed the test.

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