Guide to Buy 2019 Spring Festival Train Tickets in Advance

Authors: Go Chengdu


With the 2019 Spring Festival travel rush just around the corner, we recommend that you book train tickets as early as possible.
The Spring Festival (January 21 to March 1, 2019) travel rush season is a special period in China. The Chinese transport system faces huge pressure as tens of millions of people head home to spend the Spring Festival with their families. During this time of year, it's very hard to book and purchase tickets, especially train tickets. recommends that you book train tickets as early as possible.
People can only buy train tickets online 30 days in advance. The important dates for purchasing are listed as follow.
Ways to Purchase Tickets
1. Visit the official website of China Railway:
2. Through official cell phone application: "铁路12306"
3. Dial 95105105
4. Through online agencies, eg.;
5. Visit local railway ticket agencies
6. Visit ticket windows or purchase through ticket machines at local railway stations
During the Spring Festival rush, the odds of getting a ticket through the internet are higher than purchasing tickets at railway stations or through ticket agencies. If you book through the Internet, you need to pick up the train ticket at the railway station by showing a passport or an ID card.
You are recommended to arrive at the station 60 minutes prior to departure, since it will take a longer time to pick up the ticket than usual as the station is likely to be mobbed with people.
New Functions for You to Obtain Tickets
A new function on the official website of China Railway,, is set to be rolled out in late December or early January. The new function will be able to automatically allocate canceled train tickets to other buyers who have paid in advance when tickets have sold out. With this new function, the official booking system will be better than ticket-snatching softwares both in speed and success rates.

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