How to Use Self-service Cash Register at Supermarkets

Authors: Go Chengdu


The self-service cash register systems can be found in most supermarkets in Chengdu and they can largely reduce the manpower cost and the congestion at the checkouts, which was common in the past.
The experience of the Gochengdu reporter at a checkout in Bravo YH, a popular supermarket in the city, would give you the know-how to use the time-saving and user-friendly self-service cash register.
Actually there are staff service the self-service in the supermarket, and most customers prefer the latter for checkout.
So how to use the self-service cash register?
Step 1: Choose "member" or "non-member" on the touchscreen. Choose "member" and enter your telephone number. The membership may give you discounts on some of the purchases.
Step 2: Scan the barcodes on the package of your purchases and place them in a "bagging-off area".
Step 3: The barcodes scanned, you pay through the WeChat or Alipay, etc., and get your goods and receipts.
Notes: supermarket staff are ready to help on the spot to tell you how to operate the self-service cash register if necessary.

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