A Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Chengdu

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A Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Chengdu

The city of Chengdu is gaining popularity among tourists from around the world and foreign nationals to study, work and do business in recent years, as it speeds up its pace towards internationalization and modernization.
To help foreigners have an easier and more comfortable life in the city, Home in Chengdu: A Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Chengdu has come out.

Brief Introduction

This guide book has seven chapters: ENCOUNTER CHENGDU,TRAVEL IN CHENGDU,EATING IN CHENGDU,SHOPPING IN CHENGDU, LIVING IN CHENGDU, BUSINESS IN CHENGDU and INDULGE YOURSELF IN CHENGDU, with detailed information on almost all aspects of the city.


More detailed information will be uploaded in full on our website.
GOOD NEWS: our website provides copies of the guidebook for free on the first-come, first-get basis. Send messages to the website: enquiry@gochengdu.cn.

Getting Here: Visas

Follow us as we guide you through the process of getting here and getting around, and we also offer you some tips and information in case you end up staying longer than you expected.

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