Exhibition Sheds Light on History of Chinese Pastries

Authors: Go Chengdu


Experience this spectacular exhibition during the Mid-autumn Festival at Chengdu IFS.
An exhibition featuring ancient Chinese wooden and ceramic pastry molds is staged at the Art Gallery of ChengduIFS (International Financial Square).
A total of 108 molds that are privately owned by Yu Jinjiang, famous collector and also founder of Yuxiaoguo, a brand that focuses on Chinese pastries.
Yu has published the results of his five-year journey in a book called Small Pastry, Great Culture, which features traditional Chinese-pastry molds according to the 24 solar terms. In the course of his travels, Yu collected more than 7,000 pastry molds.
Yu Jinjiang sharing his experience at the opening ceremony
Among Yu's finds are a mooncake mold from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and a peony-shaped mold from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), which showcases the most engaging and exquisite handicraft in ancient China. The two works are on exhibition this time.
Molds from the Tang Dynasty
Time: Sept.10- Sept.22
Venue: Art Gallery of Chengdu IFS, F 7
Admission: Free
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