Mountain Race Ignites Enthusiasm for Sports and Tourism

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An international mountain sport event was held recently in northern Chengdu’s Pengzhou City, which is an ideal places for outdoor sport activities thanks to its unique geographical conditions and cultural heritage.
The 2014 China Chengdu (Pengzhou) Longmen Mountain International Outdoor Challenge took place in Longmen Mountain in northern Chengdu's Pengzhou city. Twenty-two teams including 8 from overseas, joined in the competitions of the event with a bonus of RMB400,000.
In three days, contestants finished the 180-km course in competitions including cross-country running, canoeing, mountain biking and roller skating, while they experienced the passion and vitality of mountain sports. It was a good chance for Chengdu citizens and outdoor sports enthusiasts to enjoy this kind of event that is challenging, thrilling and exciting.
Pengzhou Wins the Bid for Int'l Mountain Challenge
The event was staged in Pengzhou for the first time. The city is endowed with picturesque natural landscapes and fascinating folk customs. Contestants of the international mountain race can have great fun and unforgettable experience in the steep peaks and deep canyons. Pengzhou has long been regarded as one of the ideal places for mountain sports, thanks to its unique geographical conditions and cultural heritage.
Famous Attractions in Pengzhou
1. Longmen Mountain
There are many legendary stories about the Longmen Mountain, which has a history of civilization dating back to about 5 thousand years ago. It is said that Da Yu, the leader in fighting against floods in remote ancient times in China, was born here.
The local alpine ecosystems offer various natural sceneries: primitive forests, streams, waterfalls, clouds, sunrise, lakes, etc. and some of rare animals, such as wild giant pandas and golden monkeys, have found their home in the areas.
2 Huilong Valley Scenic Area
Adjacent to the Longmen Mountain National Geological Park, Huilong Valley Scenic Area is about 76 km away from downtown Chengdu and now is titled as a national forest park.
People can enjoy seasonal beauty throughout the year here: in spring people can appreciate a profusion of various flowers; in summer the canopy of big and tall trees help people escape the scorching heat; in fall flying red leaves feast people's eyes, and in winter the white snow. Actually, the scenic spot is one of the best resorts near Chengdu to appreciate the enchanting snow sight.

Longmenshan National Geopark

Longmenshan National Geopark is located in Pengzhou City in northern Chengdu and is noted for its terrestrial and biological diversity within its area.

Aug 09, 2016

Int’l Mountain Race Ignites Locals’ Enthusiasm

The 2014 China Chengdu·Pengzhou Longmen Mountain International Outdoor Challenge took place in Longmen Mountain in northern Chengdu’s Pengzhou city on May 28-30.

Jun 29, 2014

Huilong Valley

Huilong Valley is a national forest park and one of the best resorts for Chengdu residents.

Oct 12, 2018

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