Action, and Say Bye to Holiday Put-on

Authors: Go Chengdu


Make a move and engage yourself in physical exercises.

Holiday Weight Gain

Such is the embarrassing challenge for everyone to avoid the holiday weight gain! Well, just tell me how much weight you have put on after the Spring Festival holidays. And, with the Valentine's Day around the corner, how can you just sit there and do nothing about the increasing waist line?
Make a move and engage yourself in physical exercises. Here we recommend three kind of calorie-consuming exercises ― badminton, swimming and basketball ― and the venues where you can do them in Chengdu.


Badminton Courts at Chengdu Gymnasium
Add: 11 Section 1, Mid Renmin Road
Gymnasium of UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) Shahe Campus
Add: 4 Section 2, Jianshe Road North
Shawan Badminton Hall
Add: 4F Pangang Mansion, 266 Shawan Road
Badminton Hall at the Cultural Palace
Add: 129 Qingyang Avenue
Jinyu Tianyi Badminton Center
Add: Xinhua Park, 87 Shuanglin Road
Xianfeng Badminton Hall
Add: 170-17, 3rd Section of 1st Ring Road East


Sichuan Swimming Hall (outdoor + indoor)
Add: 18, 3rd Section of 1st Ring Road South
Mengzhuiwan Swimming Pool (outdoor + indoor)
Add: 1 Huaxing Road
Indoor Constant-temperature Swimming Pool at Cultural Palace
Add: 1F Worker's Cultural Palace, 129 Qingyang Avenue
Swimming Pool of Chengdu Sport University (constant temperature)
Add: Chengdu Sport University, 2 Tiyuan Road


Sichuan Basketball Square
Add: 8, 4th Section of Renmin Road South
Nike Chengti Basketball Park
Add: Chengdu Sports Center, 11-4, 1st Section of Mid Renmin Road
Basketball Court at Xinhua Park
Add: Xinhua Park, 87 Shuanglin Road
Basketball Court of Sichuan University
Add: Sichuan University, 24, 1st Section of 1st Ring Road South
Basketball Court of UESTC
Add: UESTC, 4, 2nd Section of Jianshe Road North
Basketball Court at Zone D of Tianfu Software Park
Add: Tianfu Software Park, 4th Tianfu Street

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