Volunteer Recruitment for 2017 ITTF World Tour China Open

Authors: Go Chengdu


The 2017 ITTF World Tour China Open is to be staged June 22 (Thursday) ― June 25 (Sunday) in the city of Chengdu.
The organizing committee is to recruit volunteers to provide professional service for the athletes and audience, and to support the event during the period from June 16, Tuesday, to June 25, Sunday .
Volunteer Requirements
1. College students, in healthy conditions;
2. Interested in volunteer service for the 2017 ITTF World Tour China Open;
3. Communication ability with verbal and writing proficiency in English and Mandarin;
4. Ability to coordinate with people at all levels in the organization;
5. Of Team spirit; ready to encourage and provide support to co-work volunteers;
6. Prepared to work for public causes and to deliver excellent service;
7. Friendly, confident and warm-hearted, with good communication ability and interaction with the audience.
1. Students majoring in English, Japanese or Korean;
2. Students having public office at school and students with experience in volunteer service.
1. To abide by official laws, policies and regulations; to observe the rules and regulations and have the spirit of volunteer service;
2. Ready to fulfil the assignments, the training programs and volunteer services;
3. Ready to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the volunteers services and to propose advice on the work.
Benefits and Guarantees
1. Uniforms and complimentary meals during the period;
2. Training programmes and professional tutoring;
3. Insurance on personal accident injuries;
4. An official certificate on volunteer service by the organizing committee.
1. The application form can be downloaded from the official website of Chinese Table Tennis Association (www.ctta.cn), GoChengdu Website (www.gochengdu.cn), official Weibo and WeChat accounts of Chengdu Daily (Chengdu Daily Jinguan) and Jinguan news application;
2. Complete the application form and send it by email to cdrbppq@163.com;
3. Application will open on May 16, Monday, and will conclude on May 25, Thursday.
Candidates selected from the applicants will have an interview given by the organizing committee. The location of interview will be announced later on.
The recruitment is based on the principles of openness, voluntary participation and competitiveness.
Should you have other inquiries, please contact us.
Contact number: 18628384455; 13550097347; 028-86612615
Email: cdrbppq@163.com
Working hours: 9:00-11:30; 13:00-17:00
The volunteer application form can be downloaded here.
Photos by Ma Ding

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