Transnational Love Story ― Daniel & Bella

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chinese girl Bella and Daniel from the US reveal the secret to a successful transnational marriage.
How did they meet? Daniel said with a smile, "We met in Canterbury in the UK, where I was studying for my degree and she was working."
"Bella drove a car from one coast all the way to the other coast, maybe nine hours in the middle of the night. I'll never forget the sight of her standing at my door," he added, "that was one of the romantic things I have ever experienced."
Do they have a lot of cultural challenges? "Life in Chengdu was a different experience for Tom," said Bella, "he didn't know the Chinese culture so well. He had to learn about it from the beginning. But he learned it so quickly as he like the history and culture, and that's a fun experience for Daniel."
With more foreigners speaking Chinese and adapted to the Chinese culture, transnational marriages are more about true love: to find someone you can talk to and share things.
Their declaration of love:
Love is to do things that will make you feel happy.
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