Matthew & Wang Jia: Across the Ocean to See You

Authors: Go Chengdu


Matthew Quinn Blouse has settled in Chengdu, enjoying life and work with Wang Jia, a local girl and now his wife.
Matthew Quinn Blouse was borned and brought up in Seattle, the US, while Wang Jia is a local Sichuan girl.
How did Matthew meet Wang Jia?
Their love story started on the Internet.
They met on a social media platform in 2012. Even though there was a language barrier back then, they communicated well through the online translation apps. Their communication went on well and after several months, Matthew flied to Chengdu, the city totally strange to him, to meet Wang Jia.
It was a bold move for Matthew and this journey changed his life.
Long-distance relationship is always hard to keep. Since Wang Jia agreed to be Matthew's girlfriend, the message carrying love and care had built an invisible bridge across the Pacific Ocean, between China and America.
They finally got married on January 23, 2013. However, it was never easy for them to step on the red carpet of wedding ceremony, not only for the long distance and time difference, but also for the prejudice. Wang Jia's parents didn't want their daughter to marry a foreigner at first, but the couple never gave up. It was the Matthew love towards Wang Jia and all his efforts that made her parents accept him.
"Why I decided to stay in Chengdu? Because my wife is here," Matthew said.
Now they already have a 3-year-old son, and live happily together.
Their declaration of love:
Even though love sometimes brings you hurt, I still believe in love.
What place they recommend in Chengdu to make an appointment:
Flowers Manor of Poly Park 198

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