Love Story of John and Lee: Complement Makes Perfect

Authors: Go Chengdu


John Smith, from South Africa, has found his settlement, career and love in Chengdu.

"My affection for Asian culture stems from my childhood," declared John Smith.
When he was a child, John started to learn Judo. The Judo training and exercise not only made him fit and strong, but also inspired his curiosity about the Oriental countries, known for their long history and exotic cultures.

That's why he moved to Asia without hesitation when the opportunity came. The one-year experience in South Korea ― the beginning of his adventure in Asia ― gave him more understanding about the different culture and lifestyles. His next stop of the adventure was China, and now he has been living in Chengdu for almost four years.
Besides his daily work as a foreign teacher, John started to learn Chinese and the Chinese culture at Sichuan University in 2018. Later he met Lee, a sweet Sichuan girl. Love just happened naturally.

As a personal fitness trainer, Lee has helped John lose weight and keep fit with a healthy diet and a workout schedule, while John has shared with Lee different views of the world.

John sometimes takes Lee to fancy western restaurants while Lee cooks delicious Sichuan foods. Lee helps John learn the Chinese language and history and John would like to take Lee to have adventures around the whole world. They would stay together quietly or go out to some scenic spots when they are free.

Their life is just as normal as their love to each other remains fresh and sweet.
Their declaration of love:
We have complemented each other.
What place they recommend in Chengdu to make an appointment:
Chengdu Botanical Garden

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