Forever by Your Side, Katia

Authors: Go Chengdu


Fei, from Chengdu, met Katia, who later became his wife, when he was a student in Russia. They have been living in Chengdu for years since their graduation. They have also traveled extensively around the world.
Fei is grateful for Katia's decision to establish a happy family in his hometown, Chengdu, thousands of miles away from his wife's hometown.
He still remembers the moments of their last departure from Russia:
To go through the customs at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, we parted because we had to go to the different checking points for those with domestic and foreign passports.
She couldn't find me when she'd done, and didn't stop searching me until I finally appeared at the waiting hall.
I could feel her panic and helplessness, imaginable for a girl like her.
The moment when our flight took off, she tried hard to hide her emotions which, however, were betrayed by the tears down her cheeks.
I know it took great courage for her to leave her home country ― a departure perhaps lifelong.
Seeing her tears I knew I'm the only man for her in the future.
Freehand drawing by Fei
Freehand drawing by Fei
I put my arm around her shoulders and whispered: Катя, я рядом, всегда (Katia, I'm forever by your side).
Their declaration of love:
No matter how terrible it is, I can get through and keep moving, only because I know you are here.
What place they recommend in Chengdu to make an appointment:
339 TV Tower

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