ICH Festival Opens

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The 6th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage opened.
The 6th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage (IFICH) opened on June 10, seeing thousands of visitors queuing up for tickets despite the drizzles in the morning.
The opening day of IFICH was also the first Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. The Festival is a showcase of the colorful cultures around the world and a good occasions for taking photos.
Traffic: bus No.22, 239, 904, 309, 319, 347, 761, 771, 772; Chengdu Metro Line 4; sharing bikes
Parking: 2, 200 parking berths available
Admission: free tickets at the entrance of the ICH Park, available 9:00-16:30
Opening: 9:00-17:30 (admission allowed ONLY before 17:00)

Treasures of Chengdu

The Jinsha Site Museum reminds visitors of fantastic lanterns and snacks from different parts of the world.

Jun 02, 2017

ICH Festival Coming Soon

The 6th International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage (IFICH) will be held June 10-18 in Chengdu International ICH Park.

Jun 06, 2017

2017 Chengdu International Furniture Fair

The 18th Chengdu International Furniture Fair will be staged on June 7-10 at Western China International Expo City and Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, with the presence of about 1,800 exhibitors from home and abroad.

Jun 05, 2017

Chengdu Listed on GaWC Global City Rankings

GaWC (Globalization and World Cities Research Network), a think tank based at Loughborough University in England that studies the relationships between world cities in the context of globalization, released a report titled The World According to GaWC 2016 earlier this year. Chengdu ranked seventh among all Chinese cities surveyed.

Jun 06, 2017

Sugar Painting: Sweet, Sweet Art

Twelve foreigners came to Dayi County in western Chengdu on May 23 and had the experience of sugar painting, learning how to "paint" with sugar and the spoon in their hand, during a program sponsored by local website goChengdu.cn.

Jun 08, 2017

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