Foreigners Take Delight in Tea Art

Authors: Go Chengdu


A group of foreigners in Chengdu had a fascinating experience of the Chinese tea art on May 23 when they joined in the program by local website of GoChengdu, staged in Dayi County in western Chengdu.
On the Old Stage of the Happy Village, the Tea Art master Li Tao made an amazing show of the tea art, pouring water into cups on the table with a long-neck kettle without spilling a single drop. Watching the wonderful performance, the foreigners all had an itch to try.
After the demonstration of several poses by Li Tao, the foreigners had a try themselves. "It looks like Kung Fu — the master in a traditional white robe, his movements quick and his gestures beautiful. It's so amazing," said one of the foreigners, Agwinanda from Indonesia.
And finally all of the foreigners learned the basic poses and they felt great showing the gestures. "The Chinese Tea Art is not as simple as just pouring water into the cups. It's a kind of culture, a profound culture," said Simona, a Czech student studying at Sichuan University.

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