Bamboo-woven Ware and the Dream Weaver

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Porcelain-bodied bamboo weaving industry in Chengdu is seeing a diminishing number of practitioners.

With an experience of porcelain-bodied bamboo weaving for over 30 years, Tan is one of the famous folk artists in Chengdu and is the representative for the tradition of porcelain-bodied bambooware.
At the age of 18, Tan began an apprenticeship at the Chengdu Bamboo-woven Workshop in 1975 and has since developed her workmanship over the years. Her works perfectly integrates creative techniques and traditional production process. Several of her works have won national awards. She has been to many foreign countries, including Switzerland, France and South Korea, to attend various cultural exchange programs and shows.

"I was so frustrated when the workshop went into bankruptcy in 2003 and felt hopeless about the future. At that time my daughter was going to university and my family was in urgent need of money,” Tan recalled, "I almost gave up the career when I learned most of my colleagues had turned to making a living in other trades."

"However, encouraged by my family and friends, and supported by Chengdu Folk Art Association, I carried on my career and opened this workshop.”
Tan has developed the handicraft by combining the art of weaving and painting, creating some patterns with distinctive Sichuan cultural elements, such as face changing of Sichuan Opera and panda to serve the practical and ornamental purposes.

She also devotes much of her time and energy to training young people. "I want to have more apprentices and unreservedly pass on to them my technical know-how, and I also wish them to share my passion in the field,” Tan said, “my aim is to introduce this cultural heritage to people across the world.”

Where to buy?
Tan's shop sells a wide range of bambooware products such as tea sets, vases, plates and dishes, with the price from less than one hundred to several thousand.
Address: 259 Unit C, 2nd Floor, Folk Art MusuemSongxianqiao Antique Market
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