GoChengdu Invitation: A Touch of Intangible Cultural Heritages in Dayi County

Authors: Go Chengdu


Dayi County is about 40 km west to downtown Chengdu and famed for rich cultural resources. GoChengdu invites you to have a 2-day tour (May 22-23) to experience the intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items in Dayi County. ALL FREE!
Dayi County
Dayi boasts a long history and diversified topographical features, and is a very popular tourist destination in Chengdu. The land was lauded many times in literature as can be found in poems by famous poets such as Du Fu and Lu You.
ICH Items in Dayi County
Sugar Painting
Sugar Painting is a national ICH item. It uses melted sugar (malt, white or brown) to create art works on a marble slab.
Palm Fiber Weaving
The art of palm fiber weaving originated in the Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD) and the products are loved for their durability and eco-friendliness.
Chinese Guqin (Chinese Zither)
Guqin has a history of more than 3,000 years and represents the musical tradition in China. The art of Guqin is included in the world intangible cultural heritage list by UNESCO.
Tea Art
Chinese tea culture represents an elaborate rite featuring tea preparing, serving and so on.
Folk Songs of Xiling Mountains
Folk Songs of Xiling Mountains are idyllic and melodious with a long history, passed from generation to generation among the villagers. Themes of the songs include love, toasting, mountain living and working, etc.
Schedule of May 22:
8:30 Boarding at the parking lot of Chengdu Media Building, #159 Section 2, Hongxing Road
10:20 Having a meeting of the mentors and art show on the Old Stage of Happy Village
11:10 Having a sugar painting class (compulsory) on the Old Stage
12:30 Having lunch and rest in the canteen of Happy Village
14:10 Having courses on ICH items in the studio of craftsmen
17:50 Show of students' works on the Old Stage
18:40 Outdoor Hotpot Feast on the Old Stage
20:20 Campfire Party on the Old Stage
Venues for the hotpot feast and the show of works may change due to the reason of unexpected weather conditions.
Schedule for ICH classes of May 22
11:10~12:20 Sugar Painting(Compulsory)
14:10~15:20 Palm Fiber Weaving Compulsory)
15:30~16:30 Chinese Guqin ( Optional)
15:30~16:30 Tea Art (Optional)
16:40~17:10 Folk songs of Xiling Mountains(Optional)
Schedule of May 23:
10:00 Making rice dumplings and sachets
11:40 Lunch of self-made rice dumplings
13:00 Journey to Anren Ancient Town
13:50 Visiting Liu's Manor Museum
15:30 Visiting the Folk Culture Street
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Going back to Chengdu

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