Flower tea: Spring in a cup

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Spring is here, and a cup of blooming spring tea is not only a visual experience but can also a remedy that helps sweep away the tardiness left in the body from the winter weather.
This is the season to drink tea. Many people feel sleepy and fatigued in the spring, so this is the best time to drink scented flower tea, because it is sweet and cool. Its strong tea fragrance can promote the Yang qi (vitality) of the human body to rise, dissipate the coldness that accumulated during the winter in the human body and alleviate the effects of that spring sleepiness.
There are many kinds of scented flower tea, with different medicinal values.
Rose tea:
Rose tea is a favorite among many women. It is believed that drinking it beautifies a person. In fact, rose tea does have beauty benefits since it helps improve sleep, boost mood, and helps with depression.
Lavender tea:
Lavender has a strong aroma and calming effect. Add lavender, mint leaves, honey in water, and simmer it for five minutes, and a cup of lavender tea is ready.
Lavender tea helps calm the nerves and relieves anxiety, it also can treat initial cold cough, ease headaches gradually, and improve the health of the digestive system.
Chrysanthemum tea:
Chrysanthemum tea originated in China, where it has more than 2,500 years of cultivation history. Drinking chrysanthemum tea is good for the liver and eyes.
Jasmine tea:
Jasmine tea is one of the top ten most famous teas in China. It is taken from the blooming jasmine in the spring and mixed with the tea leaves, it has the fragrance of the spring flowers and the freshness of the tea leaves. The Chinese people have been drinking jasmine tea for more than 1,000 years.
Jasmine tea is high in antioxidants, and it combats the free radicals formed in the body. For this reason, it's helpful in slowing down the aging process. It also helps bodies create good bacteria that helps with digestion. It has also been known to reduce cholesterol and bad fats within the body.

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