Complimentary Coupons for Tooth-wash

Authors: Go Chengdu

2017-05-03 will offer the opportunity for you to have your teeth cleaned for free.
There are so many delicious foods in Chengdu, such as Double-cooked Pork Slices, Mapo Tofu, Zhong's Dumplings, Shangxin Starch Jelly, Sandapao……and hotpot!
Good news for those suffering from dental problems who cannot freely enjoy such an abundance of delicacies: will offer complimentary coupons to 30 users to have their teeth cleaned for free.
How to get the coupon?
① Log on the WeChat account "GoChengdu够成都" and forward the message to your Moments;
② Send the screenshot and the message with "Your name + Your Nationality +Your Phone Number" to the WeChat account;
③ After finishing the above steps, if you are lucky enough, you will receive an e-coupon, which indicates how you can get the coupon.
Validity of the Coupon: 3 months (for workday use only)
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