What Home-cooking Is Like in Chengdu?

Authors: Lindsey Bays


A couple of weeks ago, Dragon Expeditions, a local eco-tourism company, hosted a cooking class to give foreigners a firsthand look at what home-cooking is like in this food capital.
Chengdu cuisine is rooted in this piece of land which is full of innovation and good at creating. Having created five categories, dozens of cooking methods and flavor types, and more than 6, 000 Sichuan dishes, Chengdu cuisine now becomes one of the cuisine schools with the most abundant varieties and tastes both in China and around the world.
This is what UNESCO Creative Cities noted when they named Chengdu as the City of Gastronomy and this is one of the many reasons that entices foreigners to come here to try the remarkable food.
A couple of weeks ago, Dragon Expeditions, a local eco-tourism company, hosted a cooking class to give foreigners a firsthand look at what home-cooking is like in this food capital.
From taking them to market, all the way to sharing a meal together at the end of the class, Dragon Expeditions's cooking class gave foreigners an in-depth look into life as a local.
The group cooked twice cooked pork (回锅肉), spicy tofu (麻婆豆腐), dumplings (饺子), and kung pao chicken (宫保鸡丁) together.
How did the event go?
Let's ask some of the participants!
Fleur, from the Netherlands
Favorite dish: "Definitely the chicken! I really enjoyed making it and the taste was so good! I love it! But I was also really surprised by the tofu. Normally I don't really like eating tofu, but this one was really great!"
New impression of Sichuan food: "I think that Sichuan food is made with a lot of love and that the true Sichuan food is made by the original recipes that people learn from generation to generation, that makes the food very unique and that's why it tastes so good. The ingredients are really fresh and come from the region, that's what makes it authentic, I think."
Thoughts on Dragon Expeditions: "I really loved the chef! She was a cool woman who paid a lot of attention to the cooking but also to us. She really let you experience the whole cooking experience, from finding the ingredients at the market until eating it at the table! She really paid a lot attention to everybody, and I think that made the experience so unique!"
Rachel, from the United States
Favorite dish: "Twice cooked pork. I never realized how hard it was to cook correctly till I tried it."
New impression of Sichuan food: "I definitely have a new appreciation for Sichuan food."
Review of Dragon Expedition's class: "The overall experience was fantastic, and the chef was amazing."
Linda, from the United States
Favorite dish: "Mapu tofu. I actually learned something new about cooking. So the chef definitely is very skillful."
New impression of Sichuan food: "My impression of Sichuan is that not only can it be just adding spice but also has a different way of making it."
Review of Dragon Expeditions: "I think Dragon Expeditions holding culinary class deepens the experience of being here. It's a great idea and excellent chef. Only bit to add would be trying to remember the recipes."
Interested learning more about this cooking class? Find more at: http://dragonexpeditions.com/2016/05/21/chengdu-homemade-cooking-adventure/

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