Spreading Spanish culture in Chengdu

Authors: Soledad Morillas


We really feel that Chengdu is opening up for us and we are eager to grab the opportunities!!!
Back in 2011, when I got fed up with my former job, my boyfriend and I started thinking of moving abroad to live such an amazing life together. Our first idea was going to Australia for one year, which turned into a three-month business trip to China. We traveled to Shanghai and many other cities in China. It was one of the most hectic months in my life, both personally and professionally. At that time we did not know a word of Chinese, and had to speak English to local people.
Then we went back to Spain, but the experience of coming to China for business trips started repeating again and again upon the following years ― doing out of this our way of life, and working as China-Spain business developers. Thus, we decided to set up our company in China Crowd, S.L., to help companies in both countries to do businesses together, and to try to spread Spanish culture into China, mostly through food & beverage, tourism, education and art.
We decided to move up to China to make all our work easier and take the most profits from the market itself, while our other partners stayed in Spain promoting our business and attracting new clients.
In June 2015, when we were in Shanghai, we realized we had to move out of it if we wanted to broaden our business to other parts of China. We started doing our own market researches about cities of opportunity in China. We eventually made up our mind to go to Chengdu. We moved to Chengdu at the end of October in 2015. Apart from our business development services, we came up with the idea of starting a new business line: spreading Spanish culture in Chengdu through fine Spanish food & wines. For this new business line we partnered with Epicure's Choice, a wholly owned Spanish enterprise importing and distributing products for 5-star hotels and fine dine restaurants in China.
Thus, our new life started here in Chengdu. We started meeting new people from all nationalities, and get used to the city: the ring roads, hotpot, tea culture, Taikoo Li , Lan Kwai Fong, Renmin Park etc. I have to say there are many parts of Chengdu I do not know yet, let alone the stunning scenery and nature out there. Whereas, I really enjoy the environment of the city, mostly its people, both Chinese and foreigners. In comparison with Shanghai, Chengdu gives us a feel that everyone here embraces us as a big community which helps one another. I love it when I have a little while to stroll along the city's amazing parks or spend a few hours having tea by the river, though I do not have much time to do it yet so far.
In terms of business, it seems as if both 5-star hotels, restaurant and end consumers start trusting us and our Spanish delis, mostly when it comes to Spanish events, with different kinds of typical tapas and not so popular ― but good ― Spanish wines.
It is surprising a large number of Chinese we meet day by day have something to do with Spain, either because they are studying Spanish, because they've been there, because they have some friends who has done it, or just because there is something which catches their interest.
Personally, as I've been trying to express, all along this article, all what I've been feeling since the time we are living in Chengdu, but to put it into word it would be gratitude and expectations for all what still has to come.
We really feel that Chengdu is opening up for us and we are eager to grab the opportunities!!!
Abour the author: Soledad Morillas is a Spanish food & wine distriutor and event planner, working between Chengdu and Spain. Her company distributes Spanish deli food and wine to 5-star hotels, and spread Spanish culture among local end customers by holding various cultural activities. Her aim is to set Spain in everyone's mind in Chengdu.

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