Martial Arts Fascinate Foreign Students

Authors: Go Chengdu


It is the first time for most of the students here to see what Kung Fu is like.
Overseas students had a class on Chinese martial arts July 25 at Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad (CACSA).
The students were thrilled by Taichi and Kung Fu performances.
It was the first time for most of the students here to see what Kung Fu is like. "I'm gonna join a martial club to learn Kung Fu when I'm back to America," said Brayden Bruess, a student from Norwich University.
According to Luo Shenglian, deputy-director at the CACSA, the Introduction to Taichi has been listed as an optional course, which American students can choose to get an academic credit.
Founded in 2012, the CACSA has so far organized over 480 students from 33 higher education institutions in the US to study and intern in Chengdu. The center provides students with university courses, academic credits as well as opportunities to learn Chengdu culture and history.

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