Spring Outing in Wenjiang: Flowers, Folk Culture and Friendly People

Authors: Go Chengdu


Members of GoChengdu Gusto watched a series of folk culture performances and visited the famous rose garden in Wenjiang District.
The first stop of the Spring Outing tour on April 22 for the members of GoChengdu Gusto, consisting of 14 people from the US, Korea, Belgium, Kenya and Indonesia, was a small riverside town called Lian'erlishi, a place famous for its western Sichuan culture and lifestyle, where they received warm welcome by local people and watched a series of folk culture performances including diabolo, the Ox Dance and Sichuan Opera stunts.

"Wonderful experience! It helps us learn more about the life style of Chengdu people, and we really feel great watching the performances, sitting with locals and sipping local tea," said Mike Dudley and Megan Dudley, from the US.

The stunts of Sichuan Opera, such as Spitting Fire and Face Changing, received standing ovations. A 14-year-old singer of Sichuan Aria, Wang Yanling from a local art troupe, became a star after her performance; the members came up and took photos with the singer, praising her for the brilliant performance.

Wenjiang District is in western Chengdu, known for its prosperity in history and long tradition of colorful folk culture. The Greenway in the district, running along the Jiang'an River, is one of the most popular routes for cyclists in Chengdu.

After a feast of the famous Jiudouwan — a typical home banquet in western Sichuan that consists nine main dishes, the members visited rose de mai, a French-style rose garden co-owned and designed by agricultural experts from Japan, France and China. The members were impressed with the great variety of roses in the garden and showed great interest in the introduction of the garden and the gardening work, under the guidance of Okada Maso, a horticulture expert from Japan and also a co-owner of rose de mai.
Rose de mai has become one of the largest rose planting bases and a hot sightseeing site in Chengdu.

"This is my home," said Okada Maso, "I have a dream and Chengdu is the place where my dream comes true."

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