Learn Chinese and Go into Chengdu Life

Authors: Go Chengdu


Learn Chinese with GoChengdu.cn and get a touch of typical Chengdu life
The Chinese learning channel on GoChengdu website goes online NOW and we are offering a situational teaching program based on the simulated scenes of daily local life that is intended to be an easy-to-learn language teaching course for learners of the Chinese language, especially foreigners living in Chengdu or interested in Chengdu life.
The program is initiated by GoChengdu and Hanyou Education and features video-visual presentations of vivid situations that will help you learn Chinese more easily and understand more about Chengdu life and culture.
In the program you will have a close look of typical life scenes in Chengdu on people's living, studying and working, as well as on the Sichuan opera, playing mahjong, tourists attractions and so on while learning Chinese. Careful and learners-friendly designs, including the choice of scenes, the list of Chinese characters (汉字, words) and corresponding pronunciations, are presented in the program.
Leading characters in the scenes of the program include Micheal from the US, Kim EunYeon from South Korea, Son from Thailand, Aida Kazuhiro from Japan, Abel from Nigeria, Shah from Nepal, Denise from Italy, Zhang Jincheng and Wang Rong from Chengdu. Make friends with them and you'll have fun in learning Chinese and local life!
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