Lindsey's Wonderful Life in Chengdu

Authors: Lindsey Bays


"My time in Chengdu has been one of great food, company, community, and diversity. It is a blessing to come here and I am excited to learn about this quickly growing city," Lindsey said.

My name is Lindsey and I am a student studying at Southwest University for Nationalities. My major is international relations with a minor in Chinese. I am from the United States and have been here since the end of August 2016. My experience here has been made from the people I have spent it with. The support from fellow study-abroad-students and our program has created an experience that is educational and fulfilling.

To start off with, the food is delicious. The hotpot is spicy and the largest variety of food I have ever seen. From trying rabbit head to pig brain, I have realized there is no limit to the options at hotpot. The entire experience of eating in China is much different from what I have experienced in the United States. The family style dishes create a very different atmosphere, one that feels very community oriented. The kindness of paying for someone else's meal makes relationships with others much closer.

When it comes to relationships and people here, I find that connections happen quickly between foreigners and locals, almost every day getting the opportunity to add a new friend on WeChat. Conversations come easily and there is a genuine eagerness to learn about foreign culture from the people I have encountered here. I have felt a great sense of warmth and hospitality from the people here in Chengdu, especially from the people around my university.

This community atmosphere has only been strengthened by the daily events out on the streets of Chengdu and China. The dancing every night in the public square is something I have never seen before. My favorite experience has been when my very tall friend from Australia was asked to dance four times by different people in the square while a friend and I joined in on the lines of dancing on the other end of the square. She was spun around and danced with for half an hour before her dancing partners allowed her to come back to us.

The dancing on the streets has also shown me the diversity around my school. There are traditional Tibetan dancing gatherings right outside my school and on campus every Friday and Saturday. Although the steps are hard, my friends and I always manage to meet very kind people that help guide us along as we dance. After traveling to Danba three times, I am slowly getting glimpses into more traditional ways of life in China and getting the chance to experience it in the city parts of Chengdu as well.

My time in Chengdu has been one of great food, company, community, and diversity. It is a blessing to come here and I am excited to learn about this quickly growing city. There is so much more to explore and more people to meet. I am thankful for GoChengdu as a platform to tell about my experience and for the services they offer to the foreigners that come here.

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