Jeremy Jauncey’s Joyful Journey in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Famous British traveler and founder of Beautiful Destinations Jeremy Jauncey paid a visit to Chengdu ICH Park June 11, which caused online sensation.
"My Day One in Chengdu was really awesome. I visited the ICH park, enjoying various kinds of traditional Chinese art. I'm a massive supporter of the multi-culture," said Jeremy in his microblog post on June 11. He also shared his wonderful moments in Chengdu on Livestream.
On June 13, Jeremy chose Jinli Street as his second stop of Chengdu tour, where he tried local spicy foods and visited a chili powder shop to learn about the making of local spices.
He also tried the ear-picking and Sichuan tea culture. "I never thought that I, from the tea-drinking Britain, would come here and learn how to pour tea! Tea culture in China is really amazing!" said Jeremy at a tea house.
On June 14, Jeremy and his team tried Mahjong in a park in the city. Some grannies taught him how to play, but it was really hard for him to win the game!

Chengdu Entrepreneurs Receive Professional Training in France

A training session for the Sino-French Sister Parks Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tutor Program was launched in the Sino-French Ecological Park, a project cooperated between Chengdu High-tech Zone and Sophia Antipolis, a leading French technology hub, on June 5 ( local time) in Sophia Antipolis.

Jun 13, 2017

Foreigners in Chengdu Have a Touch of ICH Items

A group of foreigners in Chengdu took part in a program sponsored by GoChengdu and got a better understanding of ICH items in Chengdu.

Jun 08, 2017

Asia’s Largest Parking Lot for Metro Trains Opens to Public in Chengdu

On June 7, organized by Chengdu Rail Transit Co., Ltd., representatives from local citizens visited Asia’s largest parking lot for metro trains in Cuijiadian Station of the city’s Metro Line 7.

Jun 14, 2017

2017 ITTF World Tour China Open Appearances Coming Soon!

The 2017 ITTF World Tour China Open Appearances will be held June 19 in Chengdu, where fans will have a face-to-face meet with star players.

Jun 09, 2017

City’s 2nd BRT Route to be Open to Traffic

The second Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route in Chengdu is scheduled to open to traffic in late July.

Jun 13, 2017

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