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My family and I have lived in Chengdu for seven years now and have eaten quite a bit of Sichuan food, but dining here is always an adventure with new restaurants, spices, and dishes.
When I first heard about the Go Chengdu Gusto food tasting event, I was excited to sign-up. My family and I have lived in Chengdu for seven years now and have eaten quite a bit of Sichuan food, but dining here is always an adventure with new restaurants, spices, and dishes. At one of the events I met a college student from Germany who is studying Chinese here. After finding out I have lived here for seven years, he asked, “Does China get old after that long?” I replied, “No, there are new adventures to be found every day and there are still so many things I don’t know.” The Go Chengdu Gusto experience was very enjoyable and fulfilling with many new discoveries. We ate new foods, met new friends, and learned more about Sichuan food and culture.
The first place we went to was Tianyuan Yinxiang (田园印象). It was a new restaurant with a very quaint feel inside and made to look like the countryside. The dishes there were very unique and tasty with nice mixes of flavor like the orange peel spicy beef. Their dishes were decorated very nice for Christmas with some snow covered evergreen trees as garnish. The vegetables in their dishes were very fresh, plentiful and tasty. Their local bing (I forgot the name) was crispy and sweet ― very nice.
Another restaurant we went to was the Shunfeng Beef hotpot (顺丰肥牛). The private room we were in was beautiful and ornately decorated. The owner told me they had all of the furniture and decorations custom made. Each person had a small personal pot of broth for cooking. The spread of beef on the table was extremely impressive ― with 12 heaping dishes of different cuts of beef. The quality of the beef was the best I have had in China and the broth was very fragrant but not spicy. My son and I really enjoyed eating the beef together.
The next place we went to was Fuqi Feipian. It was a Chengdu snack restaurant and was very enjoyable and festive. Each person received small bowls of the snacks and they just kept coming and coming. We enjoyed the cold noodles, dumplings, Lai Tang Yuan, and their Fuqi Feipian.
The last place was Shu Jiu Xiang Hotpot. This was the most renao (festive) place of them all. It was Friday night and the restaurant was packed with guests enjoying their hotpot. I started with my family and the table with the spicy and not spicy pot, but I realized I was just eating the spicy, so moved over to the other table with the owner. However, I couldn’t stay long because their pot was only spicy and the food had all been soaking up the spice for so long, that after a few bites of Mapo Tofu and beef’s stomach, I needed to move back to the non-spicy pot with my family. I was thankful for the fruit and Yin-er Soup at the end of the meal to cool my sizzling stomach.
At each restaurant, the owner and head chef introduced the dishes and we had opportunities to learn more about the spices, way of cooking, and preparation of the food. In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon writes, “...there is nothing new under the sun”. I believe that is true, but in China, with so much variety in their food it seems as if there is always something new to uncover and discover.
We are extremely grateful to Go Chengdu for holding such an interesting, fun, and tasty event and hope there will be more like it in the future. Thank you!
About the author:
Jason Logan, from the US, is now a general medical practitioner in Chengdu. He and his family have lived in Chengdu for seven years and all his three children study at a public elementary school in Chengdu.

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