GoChengdu Classes on World Culture: A Music Journey to Germany

Authors: Go Chengdu


Local music fans, most of them young piano aficionados, had an impressive encounter July 20 with master pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis from Germany at the GoChengdu Classes on World Culture: A Music Journey to Germany.
The class, staged at Telunsu Concert Hall in downtown Chengdu, was the first session of the GoChengdu Classes on World Culture, a project sponsored by the website of Gochengdu.cn, aimed to promote cultural exchanges and help local youth learn more about cultures of other countries around the world.
Nearly 20 teenagers at the concert had a face-to-face interaction with the pianists, who shared knowledge on German people, culture, food and scenery with the audience.
The audience were also overwhelmed by the brilliant performance by Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis and the accompanying parents said the concert ignited passion for music and opened a window to the outside world for their kids.
Andreas Kern

Paul Cibis
GoChengdu Classes on World Culture will invite more foreigners to share their ideas and experiences with local young generations.
To know more about the project, scan the Q/R code below to follow the "GoChengdu够成都" WeChat account.

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