A Culinary Journey to Italy & Japan with GoChengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


“GoChengdu Classes on World Culture” put on its second session on August 4 at Isetan Department Store, hosted by two Japanese chefs sharing ideas with the audience of the Italian and Japanese food culture.
On the afternoon of August 4, two Japanese chefs and gourmets Watanabe Kazuk and Kawase Mikio chaired a class at the Isetan Department Store for 13 participants on the culinary cultures of Italy and Japan.
The class was the second session of the GoChengdu Classes on World Culture, a project organized by the website of gochengdu.cn that is aimed to promote cultural exchanges and help locals learn more about cultures of other countries around the world.
"I know Chengdu people are quite open-minded in accepting foreign foods, including Italian food. So I try to bring my own Italian style here," said Watanabe Kazuk, who went to Italy at the age of 19 to learn Italian cuisine, and then worked at a Michelin 2-star restaurant in Italy for 3 years.
Since the date is close to Double-seven Day, the Chinese Valentine's Day, all the participants including three couples made heart-shaped Margherita Pizzas under the guidance of Watanabe Kazuk.
The other part of the class was an experience at a Japanese Izakaya.
Participants said they felt like they were traveling in Japan and meeting friends at a bar in Tokyo. "An IZAKAYA is a typical Japanese bar where people enjoy coming for a drink and a bite to eat," explained Kawase Mikio, manager of Niuniufu Izakaya restaurant at Isetan Department Store, "Going to an izakaya with colleagues after work is a cultural ritual in Japan."
"Thanks to gochengdu.cn for providing us this opportunity to have a taste of different cultures in the world," said Katia from Russia on her post on her WeChat Moments after the class.
GoChengdu Classes on World Culture will invite more foreigners to share their ideas and experiences with local young generations.
To know more about the project, scan the Q/R code below to follow the "GoChengdu够成都" WeChat account.
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