Foreign Panda Dancers in Chengdu

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Their dance is called Panda Style, which is full of vitality and vigor and makes an online hit at home and abroad.
There is a saying that Chengdu is a city you won't leave once you come, and some foreign youths are finding it's true and are fascinated by the city. So they came and danced in front of the Giant Panda Sculpture (I Am Here) at Chengdu IFS in Chunxi Road in downtown Chengdu.
Their dance is called Panda Style, which is full of vitality and vigor and makes an online hit at home and abroad.
So who are these dancers and what's the dance about?
Well, they are American exchange students with an average age of about 20, from Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu. The dance in front of the Giant Panda Sculpture, as they say, is to show their passion for Chengdu and for pandas— they want to do something special for the city and that's it.
Rachel Mussell (from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin) has been to the People's Park, the Global Center, Raffles City, Jinli Street, Wide and Narrow Alleys, and many coffee shops in Chengdu. She said the city has people so friendly and the food so delicious, with so many new places you want to explore. "These last four months in Chengdu has been the best time in my life. The people I have met here are amazing, and I have seen and done things I could never have imagined. I cannot wait to come back to Chengdu for many more adventures. "
Angela Day (from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio) has been in Chengdu since last August. She thinks that Chengdu is a very laid back, calm city with lots of history and culture, since the city has retained so much of its traditions and culture while growing to be a modern international metropolis. She said that the mixing of so many different minority cultures in one place is amazing, and makes her life more colorful and interesting. "I have been to quite a few cities in China, but Chengdu is like home for me. The people here are so friendly, and the atmosphere of the city is calm and welcoming."
Kaylee Baumbach said that they chose to dance in front of the panda because China (especially Chengdu) is known for its pandas. She told us that her favorite spot in Chengdu is the People's Park, because it's such a relaxing place to walk around. "Chengdu is full of opportunities. There's so much to explore here that I feel like even if you had lived here for years there are still something new to see."
Josh, who has been in Chengdu for 6 years, thinks the people of Chengdu are peaceful and interesting. What's more, the food is fancy and fiery and his favorite place is hot pot restaurant! "Chengdu is my favorite city by far in China," he added.
Kaitlin Corsi told us it was a unanimous decision to dance in front of the IFS panda, simply because Chengdu is known for its pandas and the song is called Panda! "What's great about Chengdu…is that there is so much to do and so much to explore! My favorite place is probably the Jinli Street, because there is just so much to eat and whenever I went, it was very lively!" she added, "this city is one that it always catch your eyes, as it has great potential and will surely continue to grow and develop! It is an amazing city that gives you so many opportunities to really feel the new and old culture come together!
When asked if the six dancer come back to Chengdu after graduation, they give a unanimous answer with no hesitation: definitely!

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