Rebekah Wilder: A Life of Service

Authors: Lindsey


Rebekah Wilder is a Minnesota native and has been living in Chengdu permanently since early 2015. She now partners with "Chinese Relief and Development Foundation" to teach and support kids at an orphanage in Deyang in northern Sichuan.
She is the founder of "Hope Station", a nonprofit organization that is based in the United States that advocates for adoption in Sichuan as well as provide services for those still in the orphanages.
Her story with China began back when she was nine. During a program in Ecuador she took part in, she was amazed by the things they were doing to support poor people, from then on she had decided she would live overseas and do the same.
She went to China when she was 14 and then again in college when she did an internship with a foster home in Beijing for three months. This foster home had about 100 children. This work only increased her interest in pursuing work with orphans. When she was 22, Rebekah went back home to the United States and started her non-profit, "Hope Station."
Rebekah's work in Deyang consists of serving as a therapist, teacher, and companion for the orphans. Rebekah has worked with special needs children since 2008 and is a certified mental health practitioner and behavioral therapist. These certifications are essential to the work she does now, as many of the kids in the orphanage are disabled. Nowadays, her service in Deyang is a very dynamic schedule because every child needs different things and sometimes those things even differ from day to day.
Rebekah mentioned that some of the most important things when working with orphans is building a professional skill set and a long term mindset. Being consistent in the way you love and care is very vital when working with orphans.
Currently, Rebekah's partnership with "Chinese Relief and Development Foundation" has gone much farther than just translations. Rebekah and this organization have had the opportunity to mutually learn from one another and implement each other's ideas and practice. She believes there needs to be more resources for families with special needs. Rebekah also emphasized how many donations can truly mean to support a foundation's mission.

Chengdu:Start Point of Southern Silk Road

People would associate Qionglai City in western Chengdu with a wine-making base and the venue of a romantic love story, the real-life Oriental equivalent to the Romeo and Juliet, that happened about 2, 000 years ago, but few of them know that the site was a very important post the ancient route that, for two thousand years and more, connected the heartland of China to the southern Asia.

Jul 03, 2014

Shuangliu County

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Pixian County

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CCRCGP Dujiangyan Base to Open

The areas for rehabilitation training, public education and natural landscape, which are about 334 thousand square meters in total, will be open to the public and perform public education programs.

Aug 12, 2014

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