When Two Barbers Meet

Authors: Go Chengdu


A story of a young Bulgarian hairdresser and an old street barber in Chengdu.
"I have been passing by this tiny barber shop every day on the way home for at least four years," Daniel said, "the street barber tries to make a living in the city and he always looks busy. I always see clients in his shop, and there is often a line of men waiting to get a haircut."
Daniel Stoykov Tsachev, a top hairdresser and hair tattoo artist from Bulgaria, has settled and worked in Chengdu for four years.
The old Chinese barber that Daniel mentioned, is Mr. Wu, who is in his sixties and has done the job for over 40 years. He charges RMB6 for a haircut and shave, including trimming nose and ear hair.
Street barbers like Wu can still be found in the old neighborhoods in Chengdu. Most of them are old and provide a traditional service for other old men. Like most other traditional occupations in China, the street barbers are being gradually marginalized, and replaced by an ever expanding army of younger fashion stylists.
So, with the help of his wife Dora, who is Chinese, Daniel decided to walk into Mr. Wu's shop and do something for him.
He bought two new electric clippers and gave them to Mr. Wu as a gift. Normally, the devices and tools of Wu's shop include a wooden box filled with razors, scissors, brushes, and tweezers, and a chair. The only improvement Wu seemed to have made to his toolkit is the purchase of an old battery powered clipper.
"Wu was surprised and when he first received the gift from me," Daniel recalled, "I told him how to use the new clippers correctly, which are more convenient than his old one. I hope I could bring some useful changes to Wu's life."
"I hope to inspire more people to help each other, doing good things will make us feel good!" he added, "I hope he is happy, and yeah. I am going to work as hard as he does, and create a better future for my family."
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