Sports Fans Make SHIFT Day in Chengdu

Authors: Feng Mi


The third SHIFT Day took place on June 11 at Shuijing Tang in Chengdu.
SHIFT Day is a day about celebrating healthy lifestyles. The event was initiated by four foreigners from different countries and is held every a few months. SHIFT stands for Sport, Health, Improvement and Transformation.
About 500 sports fans in Chengdu participated in the event, and experienced a wide a variety of programs, including fitness, martial arts and dance. Organizers said 40% participants were foreigners living in Chengdu. With many professional foreign and Chinese trainers, the classes were offered in both Chinese and English. Participants also enjoyed healthy food, contests and lucky draws.
Matan Malavski, one of the organizers of SHIFT Day said this event is was of a larger involvement of more trainers and partners, and had more programs for kids.

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