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Go to the Sense Salon at Lan Kwai Fong in downtown Chengdu and ask Daniel to make a creative design on your head! Daniel Stoykov Tsachev, a top hair tattoo artist from Bulgaria, has settled in Chengdu to start his new career in the city.
Now you don't have to envy the celebs for their fancy designs on the top. Just go to the Sense Salon at Lan Kwai Fong in downtown Chengdu and ask Daniel to work on your head and you'll have it all done in about 10 minutes — the marvelous hair tattoo that will make you an envy on the street.
Daniel, his full name Daniel Stoykov Tsachev, is from Bulgaria and has been engaged in hair tattoo for some 20 years. His clients included some of movie stars like Westley Snipes. A top hairdresser and hair tattoo artist in Bulgaria, and the winner in 2010 European Hairdressing Championship, he has settled in Chengdu and soon made his name known in the fashion industry in the city.
Hair tattoo has become such a new trend in the fashion world in Europe and America in recent years, as reported by Daily Mail Online on Feb 16, that posts of hair tattoo designs go viral on Instagram, and hair tattoo lovers include British model Cara Delevingne and American singer Madison.
And don't be surprised if you find hair tattoo patterns, such as a cartoon dog, images of movie stars, the Eiffel Tower and so on, in the streets of Chengdu. Almost all the designs are from the hand of Daniel Stoykov Tsachev.
"I choose to settle in Chengdu because of love," Daniel said with a smile in an interview with local website, on Aug.10, "My wife is Chinese."
In March 2015, he gave up his successful career in Sofia and moved to Chengdu. He was soon employed as the hairstyle director by Sense Salon (Lan Kwai Fong branch), a high-end hair salon in the city.
With the encouragement from his wife, he has started hair tattoo classes online, and his works have gained great popularity on Wechat, Weblog, Facebook and so on. "As a new fashion art, hair tattoo can give full play of creativity and make it possible to show the personality."
The bad news, however, is that Daniel chooses to make tattoo designs only for men in order to be "more professional". "I need to concentrate on my work," he said, "For me, the greatest contentment is when I see the bright smile on the face of my clients."
Click here and see how Daniel makes hair tattoo works:
About Hair Tattoo:
Hair tattoo is a form of tattoo that gives the illusion of a shaved head. In contrast to other tattoos, the procedure usually involves the use of scissors, razors to carve and shape, and create unique and three dimensional designs.
At present, there are few qualified hair tattoo artist in Chengdu and nationwide in China. A qualified hair tattoo barber must have proficient skills and especially be sensitive to image and artistic creativity.
Benefits for Our Readers:
Show this message to Daniel and you may have a discount for a hair tattoo design at Sense Salon.

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