American Teacher in Chengdu: Life Here is Back to Normal

Authors: Amy, Video by Liu Zhao


As the epidemic wanes, we've been able to visit the parks, and our favorite restaurant Chuan Chuan is open: life in Chengdu is returning to normal.
"Can you hear me? OK, let's get started!" On March 19, Matthew started an online English class with his headphones on, talking comfortably into his computer screen.
Matthew Quinn Blouse, an American teacher who has lived in Chengdu for five years, married a young woman from Chengdu and now has a cute 3-year-old son. He considers Chengdu his home and stayed in China with her family all the time and witnessed the city that has weathered the outbreak of COVID-19.
"We can't have classes at school at the moment, so now we teach online," Matthew told that he has been doing online classes for a month and got used to being an online teacher.
Currently, as the battle against the epidemic appears to be in its twilight hour, life in Chengdu is returning to normal, most major industries here have resumed service. Now people are starting to move around, restaurants and museums are gradually unlocking their closed doors to welcome physical visitors back inside. It's not normal yet, but we're getting there.
For the education part, even though students cannot go to school yet, many local schools and institutions are setting up e-learning for students staying at home to ensure continuity of their education.
"What impresses me about the epidemic is how everyone works together to quarantine and control the virus," Matthew said the epidemic enhanced his understanding of this country.
"People across the nation responded and joined the battle against the epidemic quickly," he hailed China's cohesion in battling the coronavirus. "The government was correct and acted decisively to quickly quarantine the cities at the epicenter. All across China the people did the right thing and worked together by self quarantining themselves in order to end the epidemic."
As the epidemic wanes, "we've been able to visit the parks, and our favorite restaurant Chuan Chuan is open; we'll go out to eat," Matthew said. "I'm sure Chinese people will overcome this difficulty and everything will be better soon."
Matthew told us that now the situation is worse outside of China; there are many hard-hit countries in Europe and America. His relatives and friends used to go out frequently, but now they follow his advice, remaining calm like Chengdu people, staying at home and wearing masks when they can't avoid going out. "In the United States, there is almost no food delivery and it is expensive if they do. Here in Chengdu, we can purchase daily necessities including food online and have they delivered to our home, which is really convenient during this special time." He believes that they can pass through it soon like China.
"Hopefully after everything is over, we can ride bikes, play outside and go swimming this summer, go to the parks and go out to eat at our favorite restaurants," Mathew said, with a look towards to his wife and son.
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