A Gathering Place of Foreign Travellers in Chengdu

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Like tumbleweeds seeking a place to take roots, finding a niche to live in an unfamiliar city is not only taking a shelter, but also having a spiritual settle-down.
When Ted, a local boy of Chengdu was browsing the website of CouchSurfing, in November 2012, he found a Finnish girl trying to find a place to live in Chengdu. What impressed him most was that this Finnish girl also loves the American football, just as he does. For this reason, Ted made a quick decision that he would help to provide her with accommodation.
From then on, Ted began sharing his home with couchsurfers.
Ted's home is located near Chengdu East Railway Station, so the transportation is very convenient. Such an advantage makes Ted's home very attractive to couchsurfers. There was a time when 14 couchsurfers shared the small living room at most. Seeing sleeping bags spread in the small living room, Ted realized that the room's potential "inclusiveness" is huge.
So far, Ted has received dozens of couchsurfer groups. According to Ted, couchsurfing is more than providing free accommodation for travellers; instead, he will chat, play and go around with them and prepare dishes of Chengdu flavor for them, as Ted wants to have deep communications with his contemporaries who share the same ideas with him.

City Launches “Living in Chengdu” Survey among Foreigners

In order to provide foreign nationals living in Chengdu with better public services and conveniences, facilitate their lives and work in the city, the city launched a“Living in Chengdu”program in the first half of the year.

May 30, 2016

Exhibition by Foreign Artists Living in Chengdu

Two foreign artists living in Chengdu, Matt Vegh from Canada and Antonio Wehrli from Switzerland, held the opening of their joint art exhibition Art @ City Center on Aug. 30 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Chengdu.

Sep 01, 2016

96% "Home in Chengdu" Survey Respondents Enjoy Living in Chengdu

96% feel comfortable and convenient living in the city, 95% express their love for the city, and 91% think that Chengdu people are friendly according to the survey.

Oct 19, 2016

A Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Chengdu

Do you want to get a useful guidebook for free?

Jan 09, 2017

Rent a Flat and Enjoy Living in Chengdu

The number of multinational companies in Chengdu has been growing rapidly in recent years, leading to a sharp increase in the number of foreigners settling down in the city.

Jan 31, 2017

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