Theatre of Marionette for Children: Pacotille

Authors: Go Chengdu


Time: 2017/06/16 17:00, 19:00
Venue: Sichuan People's Art Theatre

Pactotille is a visual, musical, and poetic show; following an unrestrained rhythm of high-speed chases, meetings, misunderstandings, and magic tricks. A show thought to start out simply, where things where nothing is fixed definitely, and where everyone, large and small, can let their imagination run wild for the sake of their dreams.
The show is presented by CREA, a professional theatrical company that settled near Caen in France since 2009. It produces theater, puppet and shadow theater shows. These shows are often for a young audience but the work is appreciated by all types of public. Their aim is to bring together the families and allow children to share the very special moments with the adults.
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