Music Day 2017 in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Time: 2017/06/23, 24, 25
Venue: Capitalmall Jinniu, Capitalmall Xinnan, Capitalmall Tianfu
Admission: free

Created in 1982 by Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture at the time, the Music Day is a large, free and popular festival dedicated to all types of music – from jazz to pop and rock, classical music and world music – that has been a great success since its inception. Now extended to the whole world, the festival is celebrated in more than 100 countries across five continents. There are over 450 participating cities worldwide, many of which have joined up with Chinese cities in the last eight years. This year, from June 23 to 25, the Music Day in Chengdu will host three groups new on the French scene: French 79, Taiwan MC and Féloche. Fresh young French and Chinese talents will come together for a series of free, large-scale concerts.
French 79

Experimental and melodic, oscillating between dancefloor bombs, phantasmagoric beaches and modern gospel, French 79 unveils Olympic, its first album of electronic music to the Chinese public. He will be touring Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan and Chengdu from June 21 to 25, 2017. Known for his talents as producer and guitar player and singer, the leader of the band Simon Henner has traveled in many countries, and he returns with images in his head and ideas of melodies, rhythms and ambiances that permeate his musical style. Synthetic and organic, introspective and liberating, his pieces are unveiled for the first time to the Chinese public.

Féloche has seen the country, which for him means more than just visiting in passing. Everywhere he goes, he makes friends. The largesse of his smile announces color, with a force greater than himself, wherever he goes, he becomes a cornerstone. From the island of La Gomera, to New York, Ukraine, Romania, and Argenteuil. He gives and the people give back. Their powerful stories, their whistle of paradise, their old sound stained by dirty rock, their rhythms, their flow, their flights. All his heroes, all his myths, all his worlds lived in and dreamed of, Féloche invited them to his mixing table for a great musical feast.
Taiwan MC

Taiwan MC began his career in 2004. After touring China, he joined the Chinese Man Records label in 2009 and took part in Chinese Man's album Racing With The Sun album. He has had more than 120 French festival shows, and also performed in South America and Asia.
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