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Chengdu Municipal Government establishes the government scholarship to attract more international students to study in the city
Chapter I General Principle
Article I
In order to further push forward the educational exchange and cooperation between the City of Chengdu and its international sister cities (Including the international friendly and cooperative cities, hereinafter referred to as Sister Cities collectively), attract more international students to study in higher education institutions located in Chengdu City, expand the scale of international students in this city and enhance the understanding and friendship between Sister Cities and the City of Chengdu, Chengdu Municipal People's Government establishes "Government Scholarship for International Students from International Sister Cities of the City of Chengdu" (hereinafter referred to as Scholarship) and formulates these regulations.
Article II
These regulations are applicable to the international students from the Sister Cities who accept the degree education or non-degree education in the colleges and universities of Chengdu.
Article III
A leading team for the Scholarship evaluation (hereinafter referred to as the evaluation team), consisting of personnel from Chengdu Education Bureau, Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office and Chengdu Finance, is established to review and monitor the application and usage of the scholarship. Chengdu Education Bureau is responsible for the approval of scholarship, formulation of allocation scheme, process guidance and explanation, and organization & implementation and strengthening the monitor of the funds. Chengdu Finance takes care of appropriating the funds based on the budget and relevant requirements and cooperating with other relevant departments to better the monitor and inspection. Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office is to propagandize the scholarship and identify the identity of the international students. Higher education institutions in Chengdu take charge of the initial review and issuance of scholarship as well as publicizing the scholarship policies in the course of register for an examination and admission of international students each year with an aim to encourage and attract more excellent students from the Sister Cities to study in Chengdu.
Chapter II Standards and Conditions
Article IV
Scholarship applicants should meet the following basic conditions:
1. Scholarship applicants should be citizens from the Sister Cities with foreign nationalities, friendly to China and in good shape.
2. Scholarship applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese governments, have records of good performance, meeting the admission requirements of the school that he or she has applied for.
3. Students who apply for a diploma or a bachelor’s degree should have a certificate that is equivalent to the certificate graduating from high schools in China; students who apply for the master’s degree should have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent; students who apply for a doctorate should have a master’s degree or the equivalent.
4. Any non-degree training courses included in this scholarship program shall not be shorter than three months.

5. Scholarship applicants must have the positive attitude to learning and show records of good academic performances, without any records of breaking school rules and disciplines.
6. International students who have been awarded the Sichuan Provincial government scholarship for international students are not entitled to apply for the Scholarship.
Article V.
Standards of scholarship are as follows: for doctoral students, 30,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than three years; for postgraduates, 25,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than three years; for undergraduates, 20,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than four years; for college diploma students, 15,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than three years.
Exchange students of non-degree education can obtain the exchange program scholarship of 1,000 Yuan/Person with the maximum of no more than 10,000 Yuan/Person carried out and approved by the evaluation team, based on the specific situations of the current year. Exchange students are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship within three years from the year they are awarded the one-off incentive.
Chapter III Evaluation and Grant
Article VI
Higher education institutions in Chengdu must present the admission plans to Chengdu Education Bureau for international students from Sister Cities for the current year in accordance with these regulations and their needs of enrolling international students.
The evaluation team must decide on the allocation of the scholarship regarding the admission plans for international students by the higher education institutions and their respective endeavors on promoting education for international students. Chengdu Education Bureau decides on the number of scholarship allocation to the higher education institutions. Higher education institutions with plans for increased number of international students and the favorable training courses for international students will be given more support in terms of the allocation of scholarship.
Article VII
The evaluation of the Scholarship is conducted once a term on the basis of openness, fairness and impartiality.
Article VIII
Organizing and implementing the initial evaluation of scholarship must be taken care of by the relevant higher education institution and reviewing the initial evaluation by Chengdu Education Center for International Exchange and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center.
All the higher education institutions must formulate the detailed rules and regulations for scholarship revaluation based on these regulations and then submit such rules and regulations to Chengdu Education Bureau for reviewing and recording. International students from the Sister Cities must apply for such scholarship following the application procedures or the detailed rules and regulations published by the schools where they are studying or apply for. The scholarship application procedures worked out by the evaluation team must give detailed information on the specific application forms, procedures and materials.
Chengdu Education Center for International Exchange is in charge of inspecting the completeness of the procedures and application materials that have been evaluated first by the higher education institution.
Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center is in charge of collecting the application information of international students from Sister Cities, identifying the identities of such studens with publicizing the scholarship project with the help of International Exchange Department of Sister Cities.
Article IX
Chengdu Education Bureau includes the amount of scholarship in its budget and arranges the amount of scholarship based on the financial funds to implement control on the total amount.
Article X
All the higher education institutions must conduct initial evaluation on the applicants, publishing the names of the students who pass the initial evaluation and, submit the initial results to Chengdu Education Center for International Exchange and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center respectively for reviewing. Chengdu Education Bureau presents all the materials that have been reviewed and submitted to the evaluation team, which conducts the final review on the initial and re-checked results, publishing the award list on the official websites of Chengdu Education Bureau and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office respectively. All the higher education institutions are in charge of granting the scholarship and issuing the award certificates that are printed by Chengdu Education Bureau and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office.
Chapter IV Management and Monitor
Article XI
The evaluation team conducts monitoring and assessment on the usage, management, implementation, completion and performance of scholarship. The scholarship performance assessment of all the higher education institutions will be taken as the basis for making the allocation plan for the following year.
Article XII
All the higher education institutions in Chengdu must carry out strictly according to the provisions of national financial rules and these regulations, make use of the special funds for specific purposes and it must not be held back, occupied or embezzled. Chengdu Education Bureau, Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office and Chengdu Finance will organize personnel to conduct inspections on an irregular basis and deal with any violations seriously in accordance with the Regulations on Penalties and Sanctions against Illegal Fiscal Acts (No. 427 State Council Order).
Supplementary Provisions
The higher education institutions in Chengdu mentioned in these regulations refer to the regular institutions of higher learning in this region that are directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Sichuan provincial colleges and universities and Chengdu municipal higher education institutions.
These regulations come into effect the date when they are published and remain effective in five years.
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