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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.
Peach Blossom Festival
Time: Mar.11-Apr.7
Venue: Longquanyi District
At the ongoing 33rd Chengdu Peach Blossom Festival in Longquanyi District, visitors can view the beautiful pink flowers in many places, including Taohua Guli, Longquan Mountains Urban Forest Park, Qingling Taoyuan, Hongqi Village of Tong'an Neighborhood, Honghua Village of Shanquan Town, Weiran Flower Sea and Jianzhou New Town.
8th Jianyang Peach Blossom Festival
Time: Mar.11-Apr.7
Venue: Jianyang City
The main venue for the Festival is the Donglai Taoyuan Scenic Spot in Jianyang City in southern Chengdu. Organized outdoor activities including photography, cycling and jogging are offered during the event.
Pear Blossoms Appreciation
Time: Mar.8-May.6
Venue: Xinjin County & Xindu District
The 20th Xinjin Pear Blossom Festival at Lihuaxi Scenic Spot in southern Chengdu's Xinjin County offers a good choice to view the snow-white pear flowers.
Spring Flower Show
Time: Mar.8-Apr.18
Venue: Chengdu Botanical Garden
The spring flower show at the Chengdu Botanical Garden gives a colorful display of more than 400,000 flowers and plants of over 70 species, including plums, crab-apples, tulips, hyacinths and matthiola incanas.
Crab-apple Blossom Festival
Time: Jan.31-Mar.15
Venue: Haitang Park, Anlong Town, Dujiangyan City
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