Upcoming Events during Lantern Festival

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Find current upcoming events and have fun during Lantern Festival.
2019 Chengdu Temple Fair
Time: Feb.3-20
Venue: Wuhou Shrine Museum
The Temple Fair presents a lantern show, cultural performances, a bazaar of handicrafts featuring local intangible cultural heritage, a fair of food and snacks, a fan exhibition and a crabapple blossoms show, etc.
2019 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival
Time: Feb.3-20
Venue: Jinsha Site Museum
The Festival highlights a lantern show, which creates a fabulous world of lights. Some of the lanterns showcase the major cultural elements of the ancient Shu Kingdom and the Mayan civilization.
In addition, visitors can see 214 precious artifacts at the exhibition Forces of Nature: Ancient Maya Arts from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which demonstrates the world outlook, religious beliefs, royal power, art, and social life of the people in the ancient Americas.
New Year Paintings from Mianzhu City
Time: Jan.28-Feb.19
Venue: Wide and Narrow Alleys
The exhibition puts on show more than a hundred New Year Paintings from Mianzhu City to represent the essence of traditional and innovative designs of the art.
10th Du Fu Culture Festival
Time: Feb.1-19
Venue: Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum
A poetry reading session, an original poetry creation session, dancing and singing performances and a Chinese New Year symphony concert, etc. are staged during the Festival.

Happy Lantern Festival in Chengdu

The atmosphere of Spring Festival is still around us, and lots of folk-custom activities are awaiting you in Chengdu.

Feb 28, 2018

3rd Day of the New Year

Today is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. Well, people can go to different lantern festivals with fancy designs.

Feb 07, 2019

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